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Based in Los Angeles, Rei is a self-taught contemporary artist who unveiled her creative talents in her youth but recently revived her passion for painting after taking an extended break from art. Inspired by themes of transformation, self-discovery, and the resilience of the human spirit, she explores the symbolic journey between innocence and wisdom.

Rei’s imaginative, multi-dimensional paintings immerse viewers in a kaleidoscopic realm between youth and maturity. Relying on intuition rather than formal training, she experiments across abstraction, surrealism and magical realism, recurring to core motifs like ballerinas and liminal spaces. Her works often feature psychologically potent imagery that subverts expectations through inventive plays of color, circles and lighting.

Having regained and reinvented her artistic path this past year, Rei feels prepared to venture into new creative territories. Though style and medium may vary, the soulful essence of her work remains focused on capturing the shared experiences, turbulent transitions and small triumphs that connect us. Her dream is to develop a dedicated following and exhibit widely while remaining genuine to her distinctive artistic vision.

Let her vibrant, symbolic paintings awaken the timeless child within you.

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