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Based in the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, I’m Rei, a self-taught contemporary artist whose journey with creativity began in my youth. After a hiatus, I've reignited my passion for painting, diving back into the colorful world of art.


My paintings serve as snapshots of my life, especially newer pieces, reflecting the universal struggle of myself and every girl or woman striving for something bigger and trying to embody external beauty while battling their own inner demons, much like graceful yet tormented ballerinas.

This past year has been a journey of rediscovery and reinvention for me as an artist. With newfound clarity and confidence, I'm excited to explore new creative horizons. While my style and choice of medium may evolve, the soulful essence of my art remains rooted in capturing the shared human experiences, the transitions, and the quiet triumphs that bind us together.

rei+ the artist
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